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Dream casting: Who should play the Bears?

Why hello! As we continue to trudge through an offseason where we're waiting for hirings, waiting for opinions, and waiting to find out who's coming back next year, we here at The Greatest Chicago Bears Site On The Planet, wanted to take some time to bring you some lighter bits of humor.

In this first session of what will be an ongoing series, we're going to "dream cast" the movie of these Chicago Bears. Given that the politics of professional football can make riveting entertainment, we thought it was only right to get in on a piece of that action.

We'll be taking professional actors, and casting them into the roles of people in the Bears organization. In this first one, let's see who could play the pivotal roles of Team President, General Manager, and Head Coach.

Team President Ted Phillips--Actor: Stephen Root

Tphillips-horiz-bc_medium Stephen-root-sized_medium

Dream casting suggests that Stephen Root should play Ted Phillips, the somewhat nervous, uncomfortable president of the team.

Stephen Root has played a number of characters that are very similar to Ted, the nervous shiftiness, the apprehension, and almost disdain for his work. I see this character as being a mix of the character 'Milton' from Office Space, and 'Gordon' from Dodgeball.

Root is one of the best character actors today, and would make a fine choice.

General Manager Jerry Angelo--Actor: Viggo Mortensen

Fire_normal Viggo-mortensen-new-look-4_medium
I'm not going to lie, I primarily cast this one off of the chin. However, Viggo Mortensen is an accomplished actor in his own right. My main concern with this casting would be that Viggo Mortensen couldn't tone down the general tone of "badassedness" that gives off to be able to play the role.

Honorable mention here: Steve Buscemi.  Not because they look alike, but because Buscemi is perfect as the inherently likable guy who has just a little bit of shiftiness to him.

Head Coach Lovie Smith--Actor: Don Cheadle

Bh2_lovie_smith_medium Don-cheadle_medium
Don Cheadle is, in my opinion, one of the greatest working actors today.

I also believe he'd be great for Lovie Smith, and here's why. He can really nail that calm, cool exterior, but can explode at the same time. I'm thinking this happens for Lovie Smith sometime this year. Everyone who wanted to see him with passionately screaming at players on the sideline, might finally get their chance.

Unfortunately, Mr. Cheadle would probably need to put on a few pounds, but judging by the picture above, he's got the cold, dead stare down.

So what do you think? Do you agree? Do you have better options? This is something I think we can have a lot of fun with, especially with all the talent in this community.