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Do the Bears need to hire a coordinator soon?

Wcg_thumb_poll_medium As we enter yet another week of Chicago Coordinator Watch 2010, the mood of Bears fandom is starting to get tense. We've had several candidates come through for the offensive side of the ball, and depending who you ask, we've either snubbed or been snubbed. The Bears have really only announced one true person they've wanted for the defensive side, and, well, he's in NY.

Is it imperative to sign someone for at least one of these positions soon? Let us know, and read my thoughts below.

I personally don't believe they need to hire anyone right away. Bringing someone in just to bring them in will only lead to disaster.

That said, it is important that they at least show that they're working a little harder towards finding people. I'd like to think that the lack of news coming out about defensive coordinators isn't bad, but news about it tends to leak pretty easily in the 21st century. The fact that we don't hear anything suggests one of two things to me--they're targeting someone on the Colts or Saints, or they have no idea what they want. I hope it's not the latter.

As far as offensive coordinators go, they've seen several people come through now, and don't seem to have liked them (or the people didn't like the situation--much more likely.) To that regard, I do think they should bring the offensive person in pretty soon. Learning a new offense is going to take much more time for the players, especially with so many young guys, whereas whoever comes in on defense is going to run a pretty familiar scheme, with their own personal tweaks here and there.

So we'll see how it goes. It's a tough time to be a Bears fan, with so much uncertainty, and what seems to be a lot of ill will coming from the fan base towards the organization, but remember--at least we're not owned by Al Davis.

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