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Chicago Bears Coordinator Watch: Day 21 (Open Thread)

The list of names that have been associated with the Bears Offensive Coordinator position has grown so long that it might be getting difficult to keep up with all of them.  And like we learned last night, Hue Jackson, Ravens QB coach, has been added to the list, while Ken Zampese, Bengals QB coach, has been removed.

Mike Martz's name keeps coming up, but is there anyone who believes he will really be the guy?  I don't.

On the other side of the ball, only one major player has been brought up in the media, Perry Fewell.  Fewell chose to head to NY to take their DC job and "spurned" the Bears, as the catch phrase of the last couple of weeks took off.

I'm sure the Bears have other names in mind for the Defensive Coordinator spot, but it is very curious as to why the OC position has gotten all the attention.

Anyways, keeps your eyes and ears open, and let us know if you come across any updates.  Until then, this is your Open Thread.  Have fun.