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Guess Hue's Not Coming to Dinner; Jackson picks Raiders over Bears

The earliest report I can find, of the following news, is Jay Glazer's Twitter Feed.

After letting us know last night that Hue Jackson was going to interview for the Bears OC job, Vaughn McClure is updating us that, in fact, Jackson will not be coming:

Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson, who was headed to Chicago for an interview with the Bears today, was a last-minute scratch, according to an NFL source with knowledge of the situation. Multiple reports say Jackson instead has taken the offensive-coordinator job with the Oakland Raiders.

It's starting to say a lot that someone would prefer to work in the unstable world of Al Davis' Oakland Raiders, than even take the time to come interview with the Chicago Bears.


I think this says a lot about the perception of the Bears amongst prospective coaches. While the NFL is topsy-turvy, and anything can happen, I don't think the Raiders are suddenly going to be magical contenders next year, or even in the next few. To find that a coach would rather go there than even talk to the Bears, well, it doesn't point to good things to come for the Bears.