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Tillman's Injuries Kill Pro Bowl Bid

Wcg_thumb_link_medium It appears that Charles Tillman would've been accompanying rookie Johnny Knox to represent the Chicago Bears and the NFC in Miami. Had it not been for four broken ribs and bruised lungs.

Brad Biggs is reporting that Peanut was next in line to get the honor, but couldn't be cleared in time to play.

Article highlights after the jump...

The NFL called the Bears about Tillman, but the league was told he's not available.

Tillman still is recovering from a lung contusion and four broken ribs suffered in that same game. He's doing fine, but was informed at the time that it would be eight to 10 weeks for him to be fully recovered. It has been four.

The NFC has replaced cornerbacks Charles Woodson, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Antoine Winfield, all because of injuries.

I'm glad to see Tillman getting some respect around the league. Even if he would've been an alternate to an alternate.