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Chicago Bears Coordinator Watch: Marinelli for DC?

We mentioned yesterday that it was interesting that besides Perry Fewell, the Bears had not mentioned any other candidates, interviews, etc. for the Defensive Coordinator position, and that all of the names that kept hitting the papers were all Offensive considerations.

Well, in what is likely to become the first in a series of events, Rod Marinelli is saying that he'd be open to taking over the Defensive Coordinator position if Lovie Smith runs out of options.

"Whatever Lovie needs, I'll do," Marinelli said Tuesday during practice at the Senior Bowl. "If the field needs to be mowed, I'll bring my hand-mower out. … There's no job too small."

Of course, many of you predicted this from the beginning, especially since no other candidates are really popping up.  Stay tuned for now.

On the other side of the ball, let Windy City Gridiron be the first to bring up a name for Offensive Coordinator: Tim Tebow.  Apparently, his practices down in Mobile, AL aren't going all that swimmingly, so he might want to consider taking his career in another direction (cancer research, sick puppy caregiver, Bears OC, etc.).

As always, keep your eyes and ears open and let us know if you come across anything!