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Frank Cignetti, Come On Down!

Wcg_thumb_link_medium You're the next contestant on Which Coordinator is Right?

An NFL source confirms (the) Bears (are) lining up an interview with University of Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti. - via Zack Zaidman, twitter

Cignetti currently serves as the Offensive Coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh under Head Coach Dave Wannstedt.

Also, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Kevin Rogers is officially set to interview tomorrow (Thursday) at Halas Hall. Word is (as of 9pm ET) that Rogers has yet to back out. We'll keep you updated with movement throughout the night.

Jump with me to see Cignetti's coaching resume...

Coaching Resume: from wiki
1989 - Pittsburgh (GA)
1990/92 - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (WR)
1993–94 - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (DB)
1995–96 - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (QB)
1997–98 - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (OC/QB)
1999 - Kansas City Chiefs (QC)
2000–01 - New Orleans Saints (QB)
2002–05 - Fresno State (OC)
2006 - North Carolina (OC/QB)
2007 - San Francisco 49ers (QB)
2008 - California (OC)
2009 - Pittsburgh (OC)

What are your thoughts on either of these two candidates?