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Kreutz Set for Surgery

Wcg_thumb_injury_medium According to this Brad Biggs article, Chicago All Pro Center, Olin Kreutz, is scheduled to have surgery today (Thursday) in order to repair an ailing Achilles tendon. Rehab should last approximately four to six months, slating a return in time for training camp in July.

The Bears captain missed part of camp in 2008 because of the injury, which has made it difficult for Kreutz to push off and get leverage. Following surgery, he is expected to return to form, stronger and better.

The once fan-favorite Kruetz, has turned into a target for his lackluster play the past couple of years. Play that has a lot of fans calling for Josh Beekman to get the starting nod next season.

What are your thoughts? Will the surgery allow the six-time Pro Bowler to return to form? Discuss.


Get well, big fella.