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Hey--Let's check out the Viking Miracle (McMahon owns the Vikings)

The Vikings Miracle

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

1985. It was a magical season for many, watching one of the greatest teams ever do the things we can only reminisce about at this point.

There were so many great moments from that season, but sometimes we forget about them. As we go through this agonizing coaching search, and question everything from ownership to waterboys, I wanted to give us a momentary distraction, and remind you of a certain impetuous quarterback who liked to do things his way.

Picture this: early in the season, on a Thursday night, the Bears start QB Steve Fuller, who was on the field because Jim McMahon was placed at number two on the depth chart, due to a reported sore neck earlier in the week. The Bears are at the dome in Minnesota, and things aren't going their way. McMahon, pleading to get in the entire game, finally gets his chance when Ditka relents and puts him in. At this point, the Bears are down 17-9 in the middle of the 3rd quarter...

McMahon is jumping up and down in excitement to get out on the football field. The Bears line up, with a little bit of a hop in their step, now that their QB is back under center. McMahon lines up, sets the play, a man goes in motion, and he takes the hike. He stumbles a bit, takes a few steps, and then...

He proceeds to throw a seventy yard TD to Willie Gault.

The Bears explode, they're so excited. Vikings fans are stunned...they don't know what to do.

Shortly thereafter, McMahon takes the field for his second offensive play of the game. Which just happens to be a 25 yard TD pass.

At this point, to summarize, an injured QB had come out for a team that hadn't completely discovered the punishing defense they had. In two plays he had gone from an 8 point deficit to a 6 point lead. And he wasn't done there.

The next offensive drive netted another touchdown, making the score 30-17, and putting the game out of reach of Minnesota permanently. The final would be 33-24.

Why do I bring up this game? Because I can see this kind of potential in the QB we have now. A heck of an arm, a nose for the game, and a willingness to take risks. I just don't see it in his attitude, yet, and I hope we find someone who can bring it out of him, and soon.

**Sorry, btw. I wanted clips for all the TDs, but I was having trouble finding them. If anyone has links, let me know, and I'll update the heck out of this.