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Chicago continues the agonizing coordinators search…


We are a frustrated fan base.  There is no denying that.  Even if you're pro Lovie, or pro Angelo, or pro Phillips (is anyone pro Phillips?), the frustration is nearing a boiling point.  With the latest rumors of Mike Tice and Rod Marinelli getting a bump to offensive and defensive coordinators respectively, I think we're teetering on the edge of a Bears breakdown.  If the aforementioned promotions take place the Bears franchise will have officially jumped the shark.  And the only thing that would save it would be the sale of the team, followed by a complete overhaul of everything.  Right now the Bears are a laughing stock, and the sad thing is, they've brought it all on themselves.

Last week I looked at the Bears coaching search in a more positive light.  The moves they were making in their search were in tune with what needed to be done.  The fact is they were getting ripped for things that were either out of their control or getting ripped for some pointless and petty reasons.  Let's be honest, this regime has made enough missteps along the way, is it really necessary to fault them for missing out on Jeremy Bates, considering the circumstances of his boss being hired to coach in Seattle?  As I was saying... Some may think that last week I looked at the coaching search through navy and orange colored glasses, but this time the gloves are off.  I may not be as chronologically correct as I'd like to be, but aggravation has a way of opening the flood gates to a negative rant.

1)  This flirtation with Mike Martz came to a head with his recent announcement that he was tired of the ‘will he or won't he' talk about him being hired as O.C.  He was sick of it?  Even though he wouldn't go as far as saying he'd rule out a job with the team, he did say he wanted to move on from the speculation.  Apparently the Bears did reach out to Martz at some point, but there was no official interview.  But with his name being floated around Chicago even before Ron Turner was fired, it makes the Bears look like they are keeping him at a distance without ever making a decision one way or the other.

The Bears should have come clean about Martz from Day 1.  Issued a statement about their situation with him, either confirming their interest or saying he's not a candidate.  All the speculation paints the Bears as inconsiderate to Martz.  Martz has even become a bit of a sympathetic figure in all this, just dangling in the wind waiting and waiting...

2)  Why come public with their offer to Rod Marinelli about taking over as defensive coordinator?  The point of that was...?  You look as if you were jilted by your own employee.  It's OK to keep some stuff in house.  And if by chance it was just a rumor, why not address it and shoot it down?

3)  Apparently Marvin Lewis and the Bengals gave Lovie Smith one week after interviewing their QB coach, Ken Zampese, to make a decision in regards to the Bears O.C. job.  If Chicago knew of the deadline (and why wouldn't they) then why interview him when they did?  Were they expecting to be blown away and make the guy an offer within the 1 week timeline?

They should have done one of two things.   A)  With only 1 week available to make a decision after speaking with Zampese, they should have waited and interviewed him later in the coaching search, or B) If after they interviewed him they realized that he wasn't going to receive an offer (which appears to be the case), they should have publicly thanked him for a great interview, and revealed that he was not going to be hired.  By waiting, only to have Marvin Lewis come out and say essentially, "times up", it makes the Bears (once again), look like they missed out on a chance to hire someone.

4)  So Rod Chudzinski decided he'd rather stay in San Diego instead of relocating to Chicago to run the Bears offense.  OK, no problem.  But did he really have to make that announcement before the Bears opened up about the situation.  My guess is the Bears didn't make him an offer, which is fine.  But for crying out loud, if he didn't impress enough to warrant an offer getting to the table, then let it be know that you liked Chud, but were still keeping your options open 'til after the Super Bowl, or something to that extent.  As it is it's another coach telling you thanks, but no thanks.

5)  I don't really fault the Bears in missing out on Hue Jackson.  He was interested then had a change of heart after scheduling his interview.  The man wanted to work with a friend in Tom Cable, and work back home in California. 

But what does it say about the McCaskey clan that someone would rather work in the topsy turvy world of Al Freaking Davis?

In hindsight, the Bears should have scrapped the entire thing. I understood keeping Lovie on, but with as idiotic as they've looked the last few weeks you have to wonder what the hell is going on.  Rumors of a Bill Cowher under the table deal are circulating, and if that's the case the Bears brass are just plain dumb.  If there is mutual interest a deal should have been made, Lovie's contract be damned.

I've written about perception vs. reality before.  The truth is that most everyone will believe in the perception of the circumstances regardless of any facts that are out there.  It's human nature.  Do the Bears have a public relations staff working to quell some of the false reports and/or rumors out there?  Is there a PR staff offering up advice on how to best approach things through the media?  Is there anyone in the Bears employ trying to help change the perception of what's going on? 

Whether it's all B.S. or not, they need to do a better job of spinning these situations.  Even if the guys they eventually hire for coordinators are their top choices, it'll look like they had to settle for the consolation prize.  Again.