Is Ron Rivera The Next Bears Head Coach?

A recent article in the ChicagoSunTimes by columnist Sean Jensen may point to this. The Bears declined their option to extend Rivera's contract following the 2006 season. At the time of our run to the Super Bowl the Bears had the 5th ranked Defense in the league with Rivera as an assistant. We all know what happens next. Bob Babitch, Lovie's BFF is promoted to Defensive coordinator and Rivera catches a jet to San Diego. Since being promoted to Defensive coordinator in 2007 with San Diego the Chargers have an 18 - 6 record. As a result, San Diego was recently contacted by Buffalo and Seatlle for permission to interview Rivera for their Head coaching position. Now here is the tell...........Ron Rivera declined their offer! Ron Rivera went on to say he loves the Bears and sometimes you have to leave a team to come back to it in the ranks of professional coaching. Rivera also went on to say he has enjoyed learning the 3 - 4 scheme as opposed to the Cover 2 he was part of in Chicago. So that is my read on the entire situation. Lovie Smith is a lame duck and everybody knows it, including would be Offensive coordinators that have spurned the job. Ron Rivera knows that if he accepts a Head coaching position with another NFL franchise it blocks him from the soon to be created HC job in Chicago. I will dance in the street if we can get Ron Rivera as our Head coach. He's intelligent, relates well to players and is a Chicago Bear at heart. Any comments?

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