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Chicago Bears Coordinator Watch: Day 25 (Open Thread)

Perry Fewell was interviewed for Defensive Coordinator in Chicago, but decided to go in another direction.  Since then, the only name attached to a potential Bears DC hire was Rod Marinelli, and that was him mentioning himself

I questioned before why the Offensive Coordinator position was generating all of the attention, and most people that replied seemed to suggest it was simply because of the way 2009 ended.  Still, both Coordinator positions are open, but only the OC position is garnering any interviews.

Sean Jensen seems to think the OC process is coming to an end, and even leaves open the possibility of a mystery candidate being in the mix.  We'll see how the Rodgers/ Martz interviews play out.  Dan Pompei thinks that Martz is the leader of the pack.

As always, keep your eyes and ears open for any movement... we may very well see some action from Halas Hall this weekend.