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Chicago Bears End-of-Season Open Thread

Typically on Monday mornings following Bears games, we bring you notes, analysis, commentary, etc., but this morning we are going to do it a little differently considering the Bears have played their final game of the 2009 season.

First, we're going to leave you with a couple of interesting links, and after that, the thread is yours.  Keep a close eye on Black Monday movement.  Something tells me that the Bears will not let Ron Turner go if they don't have someone lined up ready to replace him.  The team is supposedly having high level meetings today, but we shouldn't kid ourselves into thinking they aren't keeping an eye on who loses their jobs today.

- Bears admit after the Detroit game that Forte has been battling injuries all year.

- Right now, Bears only have 4 UFAs.  Good year by year breakdown from Brad Biggs.

Ron Turner expects to return next season.  What else is he supposed to say?

- T. Shaw went berserk on STs last night, racking up tackles and getting a FF.