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Will Lovie Smith Stay, or Will He Go?

The Chicago Bears' 2009 season is finally over. Inconsistency is certainly the Bears' modus operandi (MO). 73 points scored in the final 2 weeks; 74 points scored in the previous 6 weeks. Ten 1st half scores given up versus the Bengals and Cardinals; 0 points given up against Minnesota in their 2nd meeting. Three straight seasons missing the playoffs.

"The status quo is not acceptable," general manager Bruce Allen said in a statement released by the team. "I felt it was necessary to not waste a moment of time to begin building this team into a winner."

The Redskins, no model operation to be sure, realized that Jim Zorn and Vinny Cerrato were NOT the right guys to pilot the ship. Both of them are no longer employed by the team. Will the McCaskey's come to the same conclusion about Jerry and Lovie? If they do, will they even do anything about it?

A few weeks ago, a WCG poll came out with only 30% of respondents thinking that Lovie will be the coach next year. Many reasons exist why he should not be the Bears' coach:

  • Incompetence in developing & cultivating young talent. (29%) Devin Aromashodu's lack of playing time, where are the 2009 draft picks, how many drafted safeties are having an impact; the list goes on.
  • Offensive play-calling; let's run up the middle some more! (19%) More of any indictment of Ron Turner, but Lovie is the head coach, and if he wants to "get off the bus running" well then that's what they are going to try and do.
  • The Cover-2...enough said. (15%) It seems offenses around the league have figured the cover-2 out. They know how to consistently find the soft spots. Without a healthy Urlacher, it does not work well. Is Lovie really going to abandon his trademark defense? I think he is too stubborn to pull it.
  • Inability to coach receivers/Jay so they're all on the same page. (14%) Jay Cutler is the Bears' best player and he needs to be in sync with his receivers, offensive line, and whoever is calling plays. This has improved over the past 2 weeks, but why? Was it coaching? Jay making better decisions? DA on the field alot? Playing the Lions? I think the "Devin Hester as number receiver 1 experiment" is over. Does Lovie think so? Jerry?

There is an equally long list of Jerry Angelo mistakes and misjudgements. If he was fired, I would not shed a tear. I think Jerry Angelo stays: he made the trade for Cutler; he tried to upgrade the offensive line last season but Orlando Pace was a spectacular bust; he has done above average with late round draft picks (thats all the Bears' really have this next draft); he has consistently gotten all draft picks signed and in camp (Benson the obvious exception); he acquired a franchise quarterback....the Chicago Bears have a franchise quarterback (deserves to be mentioned twice.).

I heard on the Score that there will be no Lovie press conference today; it will be tomorrow. Does this mean anything?