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Chicago Bears Press Conference Open Thread

Today has been a busy day at Halas Hall, as we expected.  Most of, if not all, the information we will hear from the team's official press conference has been leaked to the media already.  Let's do a quick run-down:


- OC Ron Turner

- QBs coach Pep Hamilton (his contract was up)

- OL coach Harry Heistand

- TEs coach Rob Boras

- Other assistant level offensive coaches (including Luke Butkus and Charles London)

Offensive coaches returning:

- WRs coach Darryl Drake

- RBs coach Tim Spencer


The press conference is scheduled for 2pm CT, and will be streamed live on the team's official site.  Stay tuned to Windy City Gridiron for updates as they happen, and drop anything you hear into the comments section!

I'll also drop this quote in, from January 15, 2004, made by Jerry Angelo, after hiring Lovie Smith as Head Coach of the Chicago Bears:

"I'll never do this again [and] the next autopsy will be mine."