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Bears Press Conference Recap

Well, sixty minutes almost on the dot.... and how much was actually said?  Maybe, and I'm stretching here, 10 minutes worth of material?

Ted Phillips: Talked a lot about organizational structure; said that all members of ownership were behind the decision to retain both Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith.  "Win now" versus making a long-term goal to achieve.  Of course, money was not an issue behind bringing them back.

Jerry Angelo: Talked a lot about "change."  Said that he and Lovie had done it before, and that they will do it again (win).  Said that he would have gladly accepted getting fired had the team felt like going in another direction.  Talked about how 2009... aww hell, he didn't say anything that he doesn't say in his weekly Q/A with Larry Mayer.

Lovie Smith: Talked about how offensive and defensive coordinators will be lined up to work in Chicago.  Talked about being open to change, as long as the new coordinators held the similar values as he does.  Says that the defensive scheme that Chicago runs is the same that most teams run.  Offensively, we have to be able to run the ball.  Refused to answer if Rod Marinelli had been offered the DC position.

What all did you get out of the presser?

Helmet tip to CloudyFuture for up-to-the minute updates over the last few days.  Nice work!