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Perry Fewell's Interview w/ Bears Scheduled

There is always the time between hearing that a team has reached out to someone, and hearing that an interview is actually scheduled. Until the interview is actually pencilled in, it's nothing but holding your breath.

There is a little bit of excitement surrounding the potential hire of Perry Fewell; he'd bring with him a fresh outlook, high energy, and accountability for the Bears players.  Fewell is considered an up-and-coming position coach in the NFL, and many have said that Lovie Smith needs less on his plate to be an effective Head Coach.

Well, the process is moving along.  Fewell is scheduled to interview for the Bears job next Monday, according to this report.  He is also a candidate for the same position with the NYGiants, but not necessarily as high on their list as he is on Chicago's.

Hopefully, we'll be hearing the same news about Jeremy Bates soon.