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The Bears Den: 01/08/10


...where we are arguing over who the top Bears WR of the decade was.


Updates on Bates/ Fewell.

Pondering M. Anderson's future- Will he be in Chicago next season?

Former Bears RBs facing off in playoffs.  No, Benson wasn't this good in Chicago.

Mike Martz gets ringing endorsement for Chicago OC position. 

Hot read: Maybe Bates not good enough for OC position right now?

Team wants to clarify things: Only four, not six, coaches fired.

Former Super Bowl QB Jim McMahon has it all figured out.  Nice quotes.

SBN's Studs and Duds.

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NFL Director of Football Operations passes away.

5 straight.

Interesting article on Jeremy Bates.  Make sure you click it.

Who ever thought this year's set up would be ideal?

Another article that thinks Martz would work out.  But, but Cutler hates him!

RosenBlog: Waxing poetic as usual.  I rarely agree with him, but love his style.

Neil Hayes.  Whatever.

Seifert throws down some clock management stats from the NFC North.

Seifert also looks at 2008 vs 2009 in passing numbers per division.

Which Cincy players do these kids belong to?