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Bears, Bates, Battlestar Galactica--Saturday Night Carroll/Bates Watch

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Wcg_thumb_link_medium It's late Saturday night, and the world continues to buzz with news about Pete Carroll heading to the Pacific Northwest.  There's been some news to report, so let's link around and check it out.

First things first, before the Bengals choked to the Jets, Roger Goodell said the Seahawks did not violate the Rooney Rule. So good luck to Frazier somewhere, I'm pretty confident he'll get a gig sometime.

Meanwhile, Pete Carroll is going to be roughly 32.5 million dollars more wealthy while only retaining the title of coach. says the L.A. Times.

There's still a lot of conflicting reports, but my personal favorite Brad Biggs is getting rumblings that Carroll may want to take Norm Chow to be the Seahawks OC. Is this going to leave room for the Bears to still swoop in and get their guy? 

A few other quick newslinks after the hop.

Dave Kaplan says the Bears may have interest in Tennessee's Jim Chaney, but he may not have the experience for the job.

Dan Pompei makes the Bates case, citing strong rapport with Jay and a solid football career.

This one's a couple days old, but Mark Potash outlines theoretical choices at the OC and DC positions (with photo gallery!)

Finally, David Haugh writes that not signing Nick Saban forever altered Bears history