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The Bears Den-Friday the 1st of October Edition

These uniforms are incredibly pretty.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
These uniforms are incredibly pretty. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hey all. It's a pre-game Friday here. Keep an eye out around lunchtime for Five Questions with Big  Blue View, this afternoon for the game preview, and always here for any breaking news.

Smith always holds players accountable - Yeah, ok. So Orlando Pace kept playing why?

Chicago Bears' Tommie Harris talks about benching vs. Green Bay Packers - He's saying more of the right things, having chosen not to take the Devin Aromashodu path.

Bears' Hester on right path - A path of TOTAL DOMINATION. Or at least, above average play.

Follow WCG on Twitter. If you don't, we'll have Chris Harris and Julius Peppers come over and practice tackling with you. Which, while I realize that would be cool to have them come over, it wouldn't be as cool when they rupture all your internal organs because your normal human body can't handle it.

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has put his stamp on Chicago Bears - If you get the stamp on your left hand, you can get back in the bar without paying the cover again..

Chicago Bears: Chicago Bears cornerback Zack Bowman takes high road on getting benched Monday night - Sorta. Again, better than DA

VIDEO: Urlacher wants Bears to stay 'hungry' - Perhaps they should eat some honey, or steal sandwiches from pick-a-nick baskets.

Bears' Angelo: Playing time has 'got to be earned' - Unless you're given a big contract. Then you're allowed to fail for a while until you get hurt, or someone else's job comes up on the line.

In the calm of his hands - This team is chill. And getting the job done.

Harris, Smith sure can play dodge y'all - I'll be honest, I didn't read this one. 

Lesson so far: There are no easy pickings - Well, we do get to play the Bills

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris doesn't want trade; sources say he's likely to play Sunday. - Hopefully it was the shot in the arm he needs. This game could be a chance to show that he's got his head on right.

Rookie OL Webb getting his chance - He's big. Can Tice make him good?

Coughlin, Giants look for answers - Let's not give them the confidence they need.