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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Vikings at Jets

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If the New York Jets beat the Minnesota Vikings tonight, the NFC North picture will become a little more clear, with the Bears sitting at 4-1, the Packers sitting at 3-2, and the Vikings at 1-3. There is certainly still plenty of football to be played in the 2010 season, but with Aaron Rodgers possibly missing some time with a concussion, the Bears might have stumbled ungracefully into a significant position within the black and blue division.

But, first things first... the Vikings haven't lost yet, and Aaron Rodgers hasn't missed any time yet - so, we won't put the cart before the horse. Yet.

This is your Monday Night Football Open Thread. Bonus points to those who can go the entire thread rooting for the Jets without calling the Vikings any derogatory names.

Oh, and Brett Favre is sorry.