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Chicago Bears winning ugly, and I don't care.

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As some of you may know I coach youth football.  This year (so far) our record isn't as good as we'd like, but we're in every game, and had we received a few breaks here or there we could easily be riding high in first place.  We're all frustrated with where we are as a team record wise, but we'll just keep doing our best coaching up the kids, and see what shakes come playoff time.

One of my assistant coaches reminded me of a quote earlier this season, "You are what your record says you are."  The quote is attributed to two time Super Bowl winning coach Bill Parcells, and it's a quote I've been thinking about the last few weeks.  With the Chicago Bears coming away with a win in four of their first five games, and sitting a game up in first place in the NFC North, it's time to revel in the Kool-Aid and enjoy the ride.

An opportunistic defense and solid special teams play is a good start in building any successful team, and very similar to the script that the Bears rode to the 2006 Super Bowl, but he 2010 Bears team has the potential to have a much better offense than the '06 version.  The offense will have their fair share of speed bumps, as the offensive line is still looking to gel and the Martzfense will struggle clicking from time to time.  But they are 4-1, and they are in first place.  I feel I need to remind myself from time to time.


Week one and the catch that wasn't by Calvin Johnson was unfortunate for Lion fans, but I don't care.  Rules are rules.  The Lions were lucky to even be in a position to potentially win that game.  They were outgained 168 yards to the Bears 463.  Deal with it.

Week two and the Bears visited the Cowboys and simply took care of business.  Jay Cutler played a great game and the Defense came up big with three turnovers.  How 'bout them Cowboys?  As Dr. Evil would say;  "How 'bout nooo."

Week three in prime time against their second straight Super Bowl contender (or so they say), the Green Bay PackersAnd the mere presence of Julius Peppers caused the Packers offensive line to collectively soil themselves.  It's hard to win a game when you play as undisciplined as the Pack did that night.  Add in a punt return TD by Devin Hester and a great defensive play in the waning minutes, and you have another Bears win.

Games like the Giant game will happen.  And as bad as the Bears played, they were in the game.  Mike Martz already took the bullet for that game plan, but the players know they need to execute much, much, much better.  The Bears aren't that bad.  And I'd be very surprised if they lay another egg like that.

I knew there was no way they would lose to a rookie QB in Jimmy Clausen at Carolina.  I don't care if Todd Colins or Todd Rundgren was starting at QB for Chicago, there was no way the D would let them down.  Stop the run and make the Carolina QBs beat you, and that wasn't gonna happen.  And by the way I think Rundgren might have been able to pull off a day better than Collins.

So the Bears are winning ugly, and that's fine by me.  They aren't getting much respect league wide, and I really don't care.  Power rankings?  This ain't the BCS.  They're winning games their favored to lose, and I say it's good for Vegas.  At the end of the season it isn't gonna matter how they win their games, it's only gonna matter if they win their games.  And right now their record says four wins to one loss, and that's pretty good in my book.