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The Bears Den: October 12, 2010

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From Daily Norseman: "And everyone is starting to write this team off.  Those people are going to feel really stupid when the Vikings are sitting at 7-3 going into Week 12."

Lovie won't use an old phrase of his, because he traded the bus for an airplane.

Brad Biggs shares 10 thoughts from this past Sunday in Charlotte.

David Haugh says that all of you need to shut your face and be quiet.

Peppers getting doubled means that other players are getting opportunities.

Dan Pompei hands out his grades from the Panthers game.

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Sean Jensen takes a closer look at Izzy Idonije and his impact this year.

Bears are 0/9 on plays from the opponent's 1 yard line this year.

Rick Morrissey brings his special brand of commentary to us today.

John 'Moon' Mullin says that Hanie will start if Cutler can't go this week.

Jim Miller weighs in on last week's game as well.

The always insightful Team Report, courtesy of USA Today.

Kevin Seifert refers to the Vikings as a collection of elite players, not an elite team.