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Random Stat of the Day- Let's Spin Away From the Bears Wins

We can always take a set of statistics and spin them in any particular direction we desire, and for the sake of this post, let's take a more morose look at the 4 wins the Chicago Bears have achieved this season. Our opponents' records through 5 weeks:

vs Lions: 1-4

@ Cowboys: 1-3

vs Packers: 3-2

@ Panthers: 0-5

That means the Bears wins so far in 2010 have been over teams with a combined 5-14 record. And 75% of our wins have come over teams with a 2-12 record.

Also, during those wins, the Bears are 13/49 on 3rd down conversion attempts, or 26.5% successful. Add in the game against the Giants (0/13 on 3rd down) we come out to a whopping 13/62 on 3rd downs this season, or 20.9% success. That is dead last in the NFL, and would still be dead last if we remove the loss in New York.

Looking at the upcoming schedule, we play the Seahawks (2-2), the Redskins (3-2), the Bills (0-5), and the Vikings (1-3)... or teams with a combined record of 6-12.

Spinning the stats this way, what are your thoughts? Are we currently benefitting from a cupcake schedule?