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WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews for week 5

Media and fans don't know what to make of the Bears 4-1 record, but I'm one of the few fans that know what to make of it. Through 4 weeks the Bears have proven they are a good football team by showing you that they can win games in many ways. They can win playing tough stingy defense, they can win with their special teams unit, they can pass the football on you, and to add to that they showed they can win running the football. So again what do I make of the Bears 4-1 record? What I make of the record is that they are a good football team and that if they can put it all together - can be a great team.

The Bears showed this past Sunday that although they now have a QB that can put the team on his back and win games, they also can always lean on their old formula of winning games, which is playing tough defense, running the football, and playing great special teams.

RE Julius Peppers: Grade A

Julius Peppers played outstandingly in the run game, helping the rest of the Bears front 7 stop the Carolina rushing attack and setting them up to have to depend on Clausen to win the game for them. I haven't really yet seen Peppers take a play off yet, but you can tell he certainly turned it up a notch against his former team. Peppers showed his doubters this past Sunday that he's not only a pass rusher, but is also a complete defensive end.  

NT Anthony Adams: Grade B

He was part of the reason why DeAngelo Williams had that big run on Carolina first possession, but he settled down after that possession and had a solid day against the run. In my opinion he had a better day pass rushing than he did against the run, often disrupting the pocket and allowing the ends to get pressure on Clausen.

DT Matt Toeaina: Grade B

Just like Adams, Toenia might have had a better game in pass rushing than defending the rush. He and Melton allowed was the main reason behind Stewarts big run on their first possession. After that, he, like Adams, settled down and played well at defending the run.

LE Israel Idonije: Grade A

Idonjie was beasting out there this past Sunday, showing fans that he's not only just a run support specialist at defensive end, but can also rush the passer. But sticking to the theme of the match-up which was stopping the run, and Izzy by no surprise continued his consistency in that department: often holding up in containment on the outside and successfully pursuing the ball carrier.

Linebackers (Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Pisa Tinoisamoa): Grade A-

Over pursuing on the first defensive series caused me put a minus next to that A. Other than that, the Linebacking trio was stellar in run support, benefiting from Matt Toenia and Anthony Adams occupying blockers so that they can have a clear pursuit to the ball carrier. Urlacher and Briggs so far have been having a pro bowl year, and Pisa has been very solid through 5 weeks of the season.