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The Bears Den: October 14, 2010


You need to play with supreme confidence, or else you'll lose again, and then losing becomes a habit.-Joe Paterno

Larry Mayer's most recent Chalk Talk on the team's official site

Here's a video with Cutler discussing his approach to Seahawks game...

...Followed by David Haugh's commentary on said video.

Dan Pompei has his take on the Chris Williams/OL news.

WCG still rocks Twitter--you should too!

Bears players give the thumbs up for the Union to dismantle should the need arise.

Hey Lester, Rick Morrissey says that he does care.

Dez Clark speaks up on his absence from Mike Martz's game plan.

John 'Moon' Mullin points out that the defense is getting its swagger back.

Moon also has a great story on Pete Carroll's influence on his new team.

Kevin Seifert tries to figure out if the Bears are for real.

Mike Tice a bit testy with reporters when asked questions about Chris Williams.

Matt Stafford slowly coming around, and could be back this week.

Bonus link: Moon's experience at the greatest WS game ever played; don't miss this one.

Bonus link II: Doug Farrar has a labor update for us; great read.

Bonus link III: Mike and Tom take on the topic of football legalise.

Hey, here's a video of Brett Favre getting hit in the nuts: