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CBS Fantasy Football Update


Not that we are a little more than a quarter of the way through the season, I thought it would be a good time to give you an update on how the WCG Fantasty Football is league is going.

Unfortuantely, for me, Cutler being either on his back for half a game and out for the other and Carson Palmer being virtually a FF scrub, I'm lagging at a lowly 2-3.  The good part?  3-2 is leading my division, so I'm not out  yet.

As for the rest of the league:

Division 1

Team 3        3-2

Team 2        3-2

The Ill Eye Nigh    2-3

Team 4   2-3

Devin Imagonnabeatu   2-3 

Division 2

Team 9    4-1

Making Things Wright   3-2

TC Bullfrog   3-2

The Pittsburgh GreyDongs   2-3

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