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The Bears Den: October 15th, 2010 Edition

You make light of algebra now, but when you're all grown up and your friends are making logarithm jokes at cocktail parties, you won't have a clue as to what everyone's laughing at.

Briggs remains sidelined with ankle injury - Iwuh says he's ready to go. See below

Urlacher: D not feeling pressure if they apply it - They maintain a hunger, a desire for pressure.

Seahawks present special test - A test of sheer terror.

Peppers' value? Ask Bears' opponents - Generally speaking, you have to plan for him and it makes them sad.

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Chicago Bears at a disadvantage with Seattle Seahawks coming off open date - Bowen breaks down why playing the well-rested can be dangerous.

Brian Iwuh ready just in case Lance Briggs can't play - Let's hope he can get it going just as well.

Seattle Seahawks certainly are new, and trying to be improved - They can wait til week 7, though.

Chicago Bears bungled offensive line from the start - I wasn't going to post one, but then I read it and it made me upset, and then I wanted to force that on all of you, as well.

A meeting of the minds - The coaches are accountable too.

So how many concussions has Jay Cutler had? - Jensen talks about yesterday's big topic.

Williams happy with starting role - Might as well try another combination.

Stopping Seattle's Washington a tall order - They have a special teams beast. The Bears have several special teams beasts.

Jared Allen's disappearing act - Waaaaah. Captain Mullet isn't doing it much. I'm sad about stuff.