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Week 6 Pre-Game Open Thread

Week 6 is upon us, and not a moment too soon.

The Bears come into the week on top of the NFC North, and indeed, at the top of the NFC. Their grasp on the division lead takes a step towards stranglehold if the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys can get the win as well. 4-1 sounds nice, but 5-1 sounds sweeter.

Some other fun-looking matchups this weekend:

Baltimore v New England
Jets v Broncos
Colts v Redskins (The Bears' Week 7 opponents.)

Some links after the jump, and your first quarter game thread will be up just before kickoff. Have a good one, and be supersafe, my young padawans.

Special teams units ready to battle - I think this will be a highlight of the game. Which means I'm dooming it to be terrible.

Running game a must for Chicago Bears - If nothing else, to preserve Cutler's ability to stand-up and be not dead.

Scouting report — Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks QB - I personally am not sure he's got too much left, but sometimes restructuring can be rejuvenating.

Safety-returner Danieal Manning proving to be sound investment for Chicago Bears - Just think--what if he'd been allowed to learn one defensive position, too.

Bears' special teams something to watch - For me, at least, I think this is sort of funny because this is the least overall talented ST unit the Bears have had in the past few years.

The current and long-term value of Charles Tillman - Possible safety move in the future? Perhaps it's becoming more likely...

Here's the long and short of it - Short yardage is crucial.