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The Bears Den: October 18, 2010


...a handy little link to watch Earl Bennett blow somebody up.

Dan Pompei wonders if Jay Cutler was asked to do too much yesterday.

David Haugh says the Bears were outmanned and outcoached.

Steve Rosenbloom airs it out in his newest blog entry after a tough loss.

Pompei and Brad Biggs quick reaction video right after the game.

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Quotes from Bears players immediately following the game last night.

Pompei says moving Chris Williams to LG was no help at all.

Rick Telander offers his thoughts on Cutler and the piling on of sacks.

Mike Mulligan lowers the boom on offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

Zack Bowman to have MRI early this week.

Five things Jeff Dickerson learned yesterday.

Dickerson also has a feature on the awesomeness of Devin Hester.

Jim Miller goes all out in his assesment of Cutler and the Bears.


Bonus material- please read:

Also, I would like to take the time to remind everyone of a feature we have on all SBN blogs, and thank those of you who utilized that feature yesterday.  While the moderators of this site are very effective at keeping the garbage out of the threads here at WCG, there will be times that we are all away at the same time. 

Such a time was yesterday, when a former WCG member went on a racist tirade in the Game Thread... Kev, Adam, and myself were all offline, and former member Stumpo lost his damn mind.  For those of you who flagged the comments, thank you.  For those of you who might not know how to flag a comment, or what that even means, here's the process:

If someone makes an inappropriate or offensive comment or FanPost,  you can bring it to the attention of the site moderators by "flagging" it.  You can flag a comment by hitting the "actions" button under any comment or post, then making the appropriate selection of what you are flagging the comment or post for (spam, inappropriate, troll), and can even leave a little message on visible to moderators about why you are flagging the comment or post.

Remember, flagging a comment or post does not guarantee action by the site moderators, but it does easily bring things to our attention for review.  Also, if there is something on the site that needs immediate attention,  you can also email me, Adam, or Kev, as we all typically have instant access to the site via our mobile devices.  I didn't even know about that neanderthal Stumpo until I got an email about it, because I wasn't online all day yesterday.

And to close, please keep in mind if a troll or idiot starts running rampant in a thread, our request is to just flag it and move on, rather than engage with said idiot. 

Thanks a bunch.