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Thoughts From NFL Week 6: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Week 6 and I'm still not sure with the majority of teams if they are good, bad, or meh...  Parity is evident.  There are only three 1 loss teams left (all in the AFC) and only 6 teams with 1 win or less.

I'll get my Bears thought out of the way:

1)  Al Davis, owner of the Raiders, has his entire team on the trading block.  Paging Mr. Angelo, Mr. Jerry Angelo.  Can the Raider offensive line be any worse than that of the Bears?  Not only are the Bears giving up the most sacks (27), but they are giving up the most QB hits (45).  In contrast the Raider O-Line has given up 18 sacks and 28 QB hits.  So the answer is no.

After the jump I'll hit on some other random NFL thoughts...

2)  I've been waiting for Brandon Lloyd to revert to form (i.e. bad), but with another solid game under his belt, maybe the talented receiver is finally reaching his potential.

3)  The Saints offense sure looks like the Saints offense when they get their running game going.  212 yards rushing as a team, including 158 by Chris Ivory.  Ivory's long was only 33 yards, but he had a 10.5 average per carry.  He was getting yards in bunches.

4)  Are the Rams for real, or are the Chargers really not that good?

5)  Did Deion Branch really just step into the Patriot offense and have his best game since 2007?

6)  Now what does Eagles head coach Andy Reid do at QB?  Kevin Kolb has been getting it done.  Michael Vick is still an electric player.  Any way they both get reps at QB?

7)  Staying with the Eagles, I was surprised with the way they handled the Falcons.

8)  I don't like when a referee's call effectively decides the outcome of a game, but it is what it is.  Good teams can overcome those breaks or take advantage of them, and bad teams are haunted by them.  Jets pick up their 5th win in a row after a so-so call sets them up.

9)  Fitting that after firing their special teams coach that the Dolphins win a game in OT on a field goal.

10)  Vikings with a big win against Dallas.  I think for their long term playoff hopes they'll need to sit Brett Favre at some point to rest his elbow.