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It's As Scary as Halloween: Bears 3rd Down Conversions

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A week ago, we made mention of the Chicago Bears conversion percentage on offensive 3rd down attempts. Well, it didn't get any better yesterday, as the team went 0-12 against the Seattle Seahawks. A quick snapshot of the season in that category:

Week 1: 6-14 (Det)

Week 2: 1-11 (Dal)

Week 3: 3-9 (GB)

Week 4: 0-13 (NYG)

Week 5: 3-15 (Car)

Week 6: 0-12 (Sea)

Season: 13- 87 (14.9%)

I'm not going to spin these numbes, or assign any sort of predictive definition of what they mean or how they are impacting the season... just take a bit of time to digest the numbers, and let us know what your thoughts are.

Here are the pre-MNF numbers of the entire NFL in 3rd down conversion situations, just for a reference point.