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The Bears Den: October 19, 2010


...where we feel that harrassment in the workplace should result in more than a suspension.

Brad Biggs gives ten thoughts after the loss to the Seahawks.

Dick Butkus speaks up and criticizes the Bears, the OL, and the coaches.

David Haugh pulls no punches on the Lovie-Martz topic.

Lovie says that the Bears will have a more balanced offense in the future.

Dan Pompei hands out his grades after breaking down the film.

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Sean Jensen gives us an update on the trade deadline and the NFCN.

Rick Morrissey says that Cutler gets off the bus running... for his life.

Former NFL scout says that Martz only exacerbates our OL problems.

A replay of the live chat with John 'Moon' Mullin from last night.

Also, Moon's latest insights are here and here from his View From the Moon blog.

The league will start suspending players for helmet-to-helmet hits.

Kevin Seifert's Free Head Exam for the Chicago Bears.

Hav we mentioned that there is a website devoted to Ditka Sweater Vests?