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WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews for Week 6

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It only took 6 weeks for Mad Mike to rear its ugly head. Last Sunday performance from a play calling perspective had to be one of the worst I have seen from a Bears offensive coordinator in all my time watching this team. After coming off the previous week successfully running the football, fans had to think that we would see a more balance attack with Jay Cutler coming back from a concussion. Instead we saw 39 to 14 pass run ratio in game that Seattle didn't pull away until 13:45 left in the fourth quarter. The two key plays last Sunday hands down was the inexcusable 7 step drop on their own 10 yard line that exposed Cutler to get sack and allow a safety to put Seattle up 3 points. The other play was another inexcusable 7 step drop that allows Cutler to get sack and knock the Bears out of field goal range, and prohibited the Bears from cutting the lead to one score.

My problem with this game and what has me concern is that Seattle wasn't doing anything special when it came to Blitzing and getting pressure. Re-watching this game, I got frustrated about Tice and Martz inability to adjust to the corner blitz. If you going to keep calling plays that require 7 step drops from the QB then at least give a RB or TE the assignment to pick up the blitzing corner instead of letting the man come scott free after the QB. Hopefully Tice and Martz are making this a point of emphasis during this week of practice, but you have to be concern about the offensive coaching staff not being to stop something so simple. Best believe they will face teams down the road that have more complex blitz schemes than what Seattle does.

Frank Omiyale Grade D

He did a good job on Chris Clemons, but he and Webb continually crashed inside when it wasn't necessary. I have a little confidence in Omiyale picking this up during this week practices and walk thru.

LG Chris Williams Grade C-

I thought Williams played alright this past Sunday for someone that hasn't played left guard since College. My guess after Webb performance last Sunday is that they will shift Williams or Omiyale at right tackle for Sunday's game against the Redskins. If you ask me they should leave Williams at LG and start to build some continuity with this line. The reason why Williams was missing assignments on stunts was because of the lack of experience of him playing inside with Olin.

C Olin Kreutz Grade C-

The Interior Line including Olin struggle with the inside stunts, but I also felt that Kreutz didn't have his best game diagnosing where the blitz's was coming from.

RG Edwin Williams Grade C

I honestly felt that Williams was alright in pass protection last Sunday. He showed me that he has the strength and enough lateral quickness to hold up in pass protection. He has to do a better job of picking up defensive lineman that are stunting inside, but that will come with Continuity.

RT J'Marcus Webb Grade F

Webb can develop into a future starting right tackle, but for right now he's just not ready. Too many times Webb was caught following the defensive lineman when he was stunting inside which allowed the cornerback a clear path to the QB. You would think a player would adjust to this on his own, but with it happening over and over again showed me that Webb is yet to give in to coaching. He also gets pushed back too much letting the defensive end get inside him while also not having his feet properly set. Tice should stick with this current group, but insert Shaffer back in at RT and let Webb sit and get the mental reps on the sidelines and in the film room.

Bears Wide Receivers Grade C

Receivers need to do a better job of getting open, consistently catching the football, and also being able to run a hot route. It was a step up from the Giants game, but there is still room for improvement.

Bears Running Backs and Greg Olsen Grade D

Greg Olsen inability to get open last Sunday brought this grade down. There was one particular play where Olsen ran a seam route when he should have ran a hot route because his guy was blitzing. Forte and Taylor continue to be reliable catching out of the backfield, and Jay needs to start utilizing them more in the passing game.