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Don't be surprised if Jay Cutler is slinging it again

Expect to see plenty of this vs. the Redskins this week.  Whether you like it or not.
Expect to see plenty of this vs. the Redskins this week. Whether you like it or not.

The Washington Redskins pass defense is bad.  Thirty first in the NFL bad.  They are giving up a shade under 300 yards passing per game.  On the flip side, their rush defense is pretty bad as well.  They give up about 120 yards per game on the ground, good enough, or is it bad enough, for 24th in the league.  Not quite as bad as the Panther run defense, but obviously worse than the #2 Seattle Seahawks.

I wouldn't expect an 80/20 pass run ratio again this week, but you can bet they'll throw more than they run.  The Bears offense needs to get on track in week 7, and head into their bye week with a good feeling.  The Redskins D is the worst defense in the NFL, giving up 420 yards per game.  Getting Jay Cutler clicking vs. the Redskins will be the top priority for Mike Martz.

But getting the offensive line clicking will be priority 1A.  The focus all week from the coaching staff has been on running the ball, and this porous Washington D should allow the Bears to get after it.  They'll mix it up more than last week, which will allow them to throw some play action in the game plan.  But with Lovie laying down the law, I'd expect Martz to go with the run a little more than usual early.  The Redskins defense is giving up 4.7 yards per carry so running the ball should be a good thing.

They're vulnerable against the pass too.  No team has allowed more passes to be completed against them (171 for 65%).  Opposing QBs have put the ball in the air 263 times and they've only 4 interceptions to show for all the airing it out done against them.  Both of their starting corners will play, but both are nursing injuries, DeAngelo Hall with a back and Carlos Rogers with a shoulder.  Expect the game plan to have plenty of passes in it.

And I would expect the game plan to account for outside linebacker Brian Orakpo.  He and his 5 sacks are something Bears right tackle J'Marcus Webb will be wary of.  There'll be no down blocking this week.  Webb will be asked to get the edge rushing OLB, but he better have plenty of TE or RB help, because he can't block him one on one.

Mike Martz will make adjustments, he may be a stubborn S.O.B., but he's a smart one too.  After the Giants debacle, he adjusted his game plan for the Panthers.  After the glaring mistakes made against Seattle, I'm expecting a fine tuned offense from Martz this week.