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The Bears Den: October 21, 2010


...where we will be forced to root for the Packers this weekend.

Mike Martz speaks up for the first time since the loss to Seattle

GM Jerry Angelo sits down with Larry Mayer for his weekly Q/A.

Mike Tice is quite the wordsmith in this article from Sean Jensen.

Jensen also said that the "bend but don't break" defense needs a rest.

Follow WCG on Twitter... it provides more protection than the Bears OL.


Matt Bowen weighs in on the NFL's decision to crack down on violent hits.

The Sexy Beast says he expects boos in return to Chicago, but has good memories

Jay Cutler says that audibles are not necessary in the Martzfense.

Roberto Garza had been playing with a significant injury the last three weeks.

Detroit QB Stafford on schedule to return Halloween from Peppersitis.

Green Bay LB Clay Matthews to return this Sunday against the Vikings.