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The Bears Den: October 22nd, 2010


You don't know what, we can see, why don't you tell your dreams to me, fantasy will set you free.

Briggs limited in practice for second straight day - Limited to being awesome! Seriously, he probably won't be at 100%, but expect him on the field.

Major development: Rookie Wright back on field - The puns for these headlines will never get old. He's not ready to go yet, but he's better.

Bears have bad case of the 3rd-down blues :- Jensen highlights some of the Bears 3rd down woes.

Enemy Intelligence: Bears O-Line Struggles - CSNWashington asked some guy named Dane Noble about the Bears. He politely answered their questions.
Bonus Link: A great video on the upcoming game courtesy of CSN.
Follow WCG on Twitter. The most fun you've had since all eleventy seasons of Full House came out on DVD.

Tillman sounds off on NFL's hitting crackdown - He thinks their policy is fair and easy to enforce. Also, I have a friend who is a Nigerian prince who is totally willing to pay you part of his vast fortune if you'll send me all of your bank account info.

Mike Shanahan found way to utilize Jay Cutler and minimize sacks - Yes, media, we realize, Mike Shanahan is a better coach than Lovie Smith or whatever.

For Chicago Bears, Wednesday is 'Fairy Tale Day' - Dear lord, sometimes you'd think the Bears have negative wins.

Chicago Bears need to get a clue before they can solve a problem - I like to imagine Halas Hall as a bunch of guys in dunce caps running into the walls. Except Dave Toub.

Shanahan's familiarity with Cutler may not be big deal - Why would it be, I ask? That's a good long time ago.

No timetable yet for Major Wright return - But when he does, there will be a Major amount of improvement in the secondary. Get it? Get it?

Returning Briggs set to put 'head on ball' - Lance enjoys hitting people. Most defensive players do.

Urlacher vs. McNabb: Rivalry and respect - Urlacher knows the challenge that lies ahead. Do you?

Double-bonus link: Click it so hard you can literally hear it pop.