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Thoughts From NFL Week 7: Chicago Bears and Beyond

What a strange weekend of referee calls and no-calls, reviewed calls and calls that should have been reviewed.  Last week the many helmet to helmet hits prompted the league to do something to curtail that type of contact, so I wonder if anything will come out of this weekend's weird stuff in regards to rule changes?  We saw a few players alter their style of play for fear of suspension or fine.  I wonder if referees will refuse to blow their whistles for fear of killing a play that is called wrong?

Here's one of my thoughts from week 7, then after the jump I'll give you a few more...

1)  This question is for Jay Cutler, Mike Martz, Lovie Smith, and Jerry Angelo.    When does stubbornness evolve into stupidity?

2)  When referee Gene Steratore has to say the following to explain a call in the Steelers' win against the Dolphins there is something amiss.  From Yahoo sports:

"After review it has been determined that prior to the ball crossing the goal line, the runner did lose possession of the ball. However, by rule in replay, two aspects of this play must be available to be viewed. Not only did we have to view the fumble being a fumble, we also have to have clear evidence of the team recovering the ball. After review, we do not have clear evidence of the defense recovering the fumble, therefore Pittsburgh will have the ball, fourth and goal at the half-yard line. Miami will not be charged with a timeout and the clock will start on the ready for play."

He did a fine job explaining it, but is it really necessary to use all those words, when "Miami you got screwed"  would have sufficed?

3)  I'll stand by my prediction of the Packers to win the NFC North, but if the injuries keep mounting they may not be able to overcome them.

4)  Staying with the Packer game for one more...  I thought taking your helmet off in the field of play was a penalty?  Maybe that dosen't apply when your flowing blonde locks are in your eyes.

5)  What happened to the Raiders?  Maybe every team owner should publicly put their entire roster on the trade block.  (You listening Virginia?)

6)  I'm buying the Chiefs.  Their offensive line is damn good.  Their running game is tops in the NFL and they are allowing the fewest sacks in the league.  Matt Cassel has only been sacked 5 times in 6 games and he's perfectly managing the game. 

7)  Kenny Britt is a beast.  I think his altercation was a wake up call and he'll be better behaved from now on.

8)  Browns LB David Bowens needs to get a patent on those two TD celebrations.  You could tell he was saving those for all of his 13 professional years.

9)  Someone stick a fork in the 49ers.

10)  Seattle's WR Mike Williams is keeping up his good play.  Eleven more catches after having ten in week 6.  I wonder if he was an offensive focus of the team during their week 5 bye?