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Game Ball of the Week: The Guy Who Sang the National Anthem, featuring the Fighter Jet Flyover

When considering who to award the Sprint Game Ball of the Week to this week, the answer was clear.  Crystal clear.  It was a beautifully-sang, perfectly-timed moment of awesomeness, and is very much deserving of this prestigious award.  So, Guy Who Sang the National Anthem feat/Fighter Jet Flyover, congratulations... you earned it:


Hopefully, we don't get a letter from Sprint telling us that we had to award it to an actual player or coach.  I would hope that Sprint watched the Bears-Redskins game, and would know where we are coming from here.

Previous winners include:

-Johnny Knox-

-Julius Peppers-

Did we miss out on someone?  Feel free to list your honorable mentions in the comments section.