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The Bears Den: October 28, 2010

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...where everyone wants to write a Jay Cutler FanPost

GM Jerry Angelo sits down with Larry Mayer for his weekly Q/A session.

Brad Biggs points out that the offense is in worse shape than a year ago.

Steve Rosenbloom talks about accountability in his latest blog entry.

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Mike Tice talks about his OL and what to expect moving forward.

Neil Hayes says not to look for any answers from Mike Martz.

Cutler says Martz is aware of everything going on, it just takes time.

John 'Moon' Mullin says that some serious dysfunction may be forming.

Mullin also looks at the split backfield, along with an interview transcript.

The most recent Team Report, courtesy of USA Today.

Bob LeGere looks at the Bears OL and our drafting history.