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Week 8 Preview: This Weekends Games to Watch

The much needed bye week is upon us, Bears fans.  But the NFL still plays some games this weekend that are both entertaining and can affect the Bears' future.  Minnesota and Green Bay play this weekend vs. New England and the New York Jets, respectively.  At 4-3, the Chicago Bears sit atop the NFC North.  To remain there, they must both win some games (a real chore) and hope Minnesota and Green Bay lose some games.  This weekend, both North rivals have tough opponents; opponents that the Bears will also see later this season.

Other notable games include Pittsburgh at New Orleans, Buffalo at Kansas City, and Washington at Detroit.

Green Bay Packers @ New York Jets:

Sunday, Noon CT

The Packers (4-3) visit the surging 5-1 Jets.  The Packers, although talented, are reeling from injuries.  Corner Al Harris and safety Atari Bigby both might play on Sunday despite missing every game so far.  After a game 1 egg-laying, the Jets have rattled off 5 impressive wins in a row.  If the Pack wins, they take over the NFC North lead, and might not look back.  If they lose, they have a hole to climb out of that might be tough with their next 3 games vs. the Cowboys, @ Vikings (after week 10 bye), and @ Atlanta.

Minnesota Vikings @ New England Patriots:

Sunday, 3:15 pm CT

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New England can drive another nail in the coffin of these guys on Sunday.  At 5-1, the Patriots look to be a pretty good football team.  Minnesota has issues right now.  Let's hope the Patriots can take care of business on their home field.

Did you hear Favre has a broken bone in his ankle?  No, really!

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New Orleans Saints:

Sunday, 7:20 pm CT

At 4-3, the Saints are struggling big time.  Pittsburgh is everybody's number team right now.  I mention this game, because New Orleans is just one of many teams in the NFC the Bears could be in competition with for a wild card spot (don't laugh) later on.  Atlanta looks to be the class of the NFC South, so it behooves Bears fans to root for Pittsburgh to beat the Saints Sunday night.

Seattle Seahawks @ Oakland Raiders:

Sunday, 3:15 pm CT

Seattle is 4-2 with a win over the Bears, so they have a nice lead over Chicago for a higher playoff seed or a wild card spot if it comes to that.  Oakland took Denver to the woodshed last week, are they good yet?

Washington Redskins @ Detroit Lions

Sunday, Noon CT

At 4-3 but with a win over Chicago, Washington is ahead of the Bears for any wild card spot, or a higher seed if they should finish ahead of the NY Giants (doubtful).  This Sunday's game marks the return of Matthew Stafford for the Lions after a sack by Julius Peppers in week 1 caused him to miss the past 6 weeks with a shoulder injury.  The Bears travel to Detroit December 5th in a week 1 re-match.

Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals

We play Miami in 3 weeks.

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs

We play the 0-6 Bills next week coming out of our bye week.  Will they be 0-7?