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Captain of the Tailgate: Chicago Bears Tailgate Necessities

Ah, football season. What better time to get together with strangers, sit in a parking lot for hours, and psych yourself up for the big game.

We here at Windy City Gridiron want to make sure everyone's tailgate is the perfect experience, and after the jump, we've got a list of some of the absolutely required items for tailgating, but we need your help. Check out the list, and offer up your own suggestions below.

  • Chicago Bears fandom - Well if you don't have this one, you're sort of completely ridiculous.
  • The Perfect Spot - get a good one, or multiple if you can. Nothing like setting up your own personal fort.
  • Grill - Charcoal for the flavor, or gas for convenience. I'm a Kingsford man, myself.
  • Tables - lightweight folding tables, for setting up games of flippy cup, beer pong, or even just euchre.
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy chairs - preferably the kind that collapse and come in a bag, with drink holder in arm rest.
  • Tents/Awnings - Nice for keeping the sun off you, if it's one of those days.
  • Flags - the more the merrier. It can be your family crest, the Bears logo, whatever. Just make sure you fly it high and you fly it proud.
  • Food--lots of meat, in particular. Chicken, Beef, Pork. Ideally, you can put any of these meats into sausage form and it will be acceptable.
  • Beverages - Ice Cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. But you gotta have cool beverages.
  • Coolers - Because where else are your cool beverages going to stay?
  • Snacks - Pretzels, Chips, etc.
  • Some type of throwing stuff at something game, whether it be washers, bags, or that thing with the two oversized golf balls on a rope that you throw at the little rack of plastic tubes.

And that's what we've got. What do you think is essential? Put it here, and we'll compile the ultimate tailgate checklist for the ultimate fan--the Chicago Bears fan.