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The Bears Den: Halloween 2010 Open Thread

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
How do you fix a jack o' lantern? (answer at the bottom of post)

Benefit at Wildfire to aid Bears Care - Say what you want about their on-field struggles, but the Bears are some charitable mofos.

'85 Bears defense stumbled early on - I think this is the organization trying to tell us something...but about the offense. Overall, a poor comparison.

Julius Peppers: Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers doing everything but finishing - And if he can start, finishing, there are going to be even more holding calls.

Follow WCG on Twitter or Smudgers David Taylor will photoshop pictures of you in some precarious positions.

Marinelli getting Bears' attention - I'd hope so. He's their coach.

Bears kicker's little brother understands long range - get it--his brother's the kicker!

Roaring success at home isn't a given - Bears found this out against the Redskins last week.

Video: Ditka on the Bears at the bye week - The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Fox programs back on Cablevision - Good news for those of you who were affected by this.

The Walking Dead premieres on AMC tonight at 10E/9C. I suggest you tune in.

A: A Pumpkin Patch! Happy Halloween!