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Thoughts From NFL Week 4: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Yes, Windy City Gridiron is primarily a Bears site, but if you're like me you're a fan of football, NFL football to be more precise.  And after that horrendous offensive performance by the Chicago Bears, I know I need to get my mind off the Bears for a while.  So check out some of my thoughts and chime in with some of yours.

And Bears fans...  don't get that down...  the winless Carolina Panthers are next up in week 5.

1)  Good for Donovan McNabb quarterbacking the Redskins to a win in Philly.  And kudos on the much maligned Philadelphia fans for the show of class before the game.

2)  Will a 7-9 team win a Division this year?  The NFC West celler dwelling 49ers are 0-4, but I still think they are the best team in that division.

3)  ...  had Nate Clements just ran out of bounds or fell down after his pick they would be 1-3.  Silly defensive players...

4)  Josh Scobee (59 yards for the win!) showed once again that kickers are football players too.

5)  Running a Cover 2 defense sure is better when you have an entire defensive line that can get after the QB like the Giants do (8.5 sacks by their line and 10 sacks overall).  Tom Coughlin had his team ready.

6)  It's not often a 9 sack performance by a defense fails to be the top sacking performance of the day, but the day of San Diego's Shaun Phillips was something to be seen.  Four sacks and a pick 6.

7)  I think the Browns are close to being a real good football team.  They've lost their 3 games this year by a combined 12 points.

8)  I said it earlier this season, but it's worth another mention.  LaDanian Tomlinson is a great fit with the Jets.

9)  If Kyle Orton can keep this up, legendary college QB Tim Tebow will never see the field.  Why did they draft him or trade for Brady Quinn for that matter?

10)  Who's the best team in the NFC right now?