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The Bears Den: Friday October 8th, 2010 Edition

Some people think football is a matter of life and death.I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.-Bill Shankly

Bears tab Collins to start Sunday's game - This is a very divisive issue. Many seem to think that this is the worst think to happen since New Coke. We'll find out on Sunday.

Bears expecting run defense to be tested - If the offense can move the ball even just a little bit, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Lovie: Hopefully Cutler will play vs. Seahawks - That'd be nice. Triumphant return at home and all.

Peppers return to Panthers territory has been subdued - Jensen looks into how the people of Carolina are feeling. The people he got to are pretty subdued. The guys at Cat Scratch Reader have slightly stronger feelings about it. Go over and check them out. (They're totally nice dudes and chicks, so if you do, be good.)

Follow WCG on Twitter. If you don't, it would be like building a huge, planet-destroying space station. However, that space station can be easily destroyed if you let a whiny kid from a dirt-poor planet fly a spaceship across the surface, and then shoot into a small exhaust port. (Basically, it means you're doomed from the start.)

Bears tackle Williams remains unable to practice - I'm not 100% sure how that's news, but, hey, y'know, whatever.

Running game real shame - Our man @skjensen is back, and he reminds us that the running game is not, as they say, very strong.

Emergency plan? Bears have 3rd QB ready - The secret that nobody knows is that at halftime, Martz suits up and plays quarterback.

Pass on passing, get running back - The Trib also backs the idea of "run til it works."

Which of 4 winless NFL teams will be last to win? - What do you say. Kev picks the Bills.

Can Bears bounce back? - Nope. No chance. It's the Bears.

Ditka: Bears still can win without Cutler - Oh, wait, the coach is a voice of reason.

Michael Jordan Does Letterman Circa 1986 - This is just fun. He looks so young!