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The Inside Scoop: Round 4 With Bears Beat Writer Sean Jensen

Jensen_head_shot_small_mediumWith Jay Cutler holding a clipboard this weekend (okay, maybe not a clipboard... maybe just a bottle of ibuprofen), the contest with the Carolina Panthers just got a bit more interesting.  Offensively, we saw last week's contest at the Meadowlands go downhill right from the jump, and having our starting QB on the sidelines will make Week 5 even that more challenging.

Thanks to Sean jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times (yes, the same Sean Jensen that first broke Mark Anderson's release), we've got another opportunity to pick his knowledgeable brain, and find out what he knows about this week's contest, as well as any other topic you'd like to broach.  Sean is already in Charlotte, and will meet us here in the friendly confines of WCG at approximately 2pm ET (1pm CT).

Also, don't forget to follow Jensen on Twitter, as well as keeping an eye on the S-T's blog Inside the Bears.

PS:  Sean also really gets flattered when someone compliments his legs... so, even if you've never seen his legs, make something up in the comments section, and you'll have a friend for life.