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The Bears Den: November 1, 2010

...where we're not nearly as bad off as the Vikings.

Bears players will be helping out at a local benefit in Chicago this evening.

Dan Pompei says that the second half of the season looks promising.

Sam Farmer points out how much of the NFL is upside down right now.

Vikings WR Randy Moss is at his boiling point; Deion condones it .

Don't miss: Transcript of Moss' full interview.

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McNabb benched for Grossman; Grossman fumbles on first play for Lions TD.

Only two Bears in top-10 highest paid Chicago athletes.

Tomlinson joins Walter Payton in achieving milestone.

According to this report, Chris Williams is too soft to play inside at Guard.

John 'Moon' Mullin has four good Bears players, and three bad ones.

Mullin also says he's not backing off of his "10-6 or better" prediction.

Neil Hayes says the Bears need to go ahead and retire Ditka's number.

Hayes also wonders who else should have their numbers retired.

Featured article: Sean Jensen looks at Marinelli's tactics and has a Q/A with Lovie.

Mike Mulligan looks at the average age of different defenses.

Video of Brett Favre taking one on the chin; he looked very injured.

Bonus Link: Post-game Vikings presser featuring Childress having some choice words about Favre, the full Randy Moss rant about his love for the Patriots, and a woozy Brett Favre.  One video, lots of goodiness.

Bonus Link 2: "Player for player, I don't understand this decision."  Foreshadowing at its best... here's the video of Rex Grossman's first snap after replacing Donovan McNabb.