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The Bears Den: November 10th, 2010 Edition

What is best in life? To crush your enemies -- see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their fanbase.

Offense finally turns takeaways into TDs - Great success! Now let's hope they continue to get multiple takeaways per game.

Chicago Bears: Film shows QB Jay Cutler played with poise in Sunday's win - He didn't look great, but he looked solid, and that's the first step towards great.

Bears need every bit of Martz's play-calling creativity - Everyone here approves of him again -- let's see what he's got dialed up for the Vikings.

View From The Moon - Moon allays your fears, kids. His smooth jazz will take you right to your comfort zone.

Follow WCG on Twitter. Otherwise, we'll be forced to release the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark they shoot bees at you.

Toub would take over Bears if Lovie were fired - Admit it, you'd sort of think this was dope.

Former Chicago Bear Richard Dent recalls berating offense - My favorite part of this is Waddle's quote.

Streaking/Slumping: Week 9 - Who's up? Who's down? ESPN made some stuff up, check it out!

Moon: Allen, Vikings dangerous for Bears - Moon talks about what could hamper the Bears' progress this week.

NFL releases guide to legal hits - Phew. I'm glad we've got this all cleared up now.

Goodell: Owners, union keep talking 18 games - We'll see how far this goes. It seems like the kind of topic that could really hang your negotiations.

Vikes' Berrian, Rice potential problems for Bears - This is nothing new, Berrian has always been a problem for the Bears. Remember a few years ago when he kept muffing punts?

Vikings say they won't quit despite dislike for Childress - I'm not sure how you can possibly keep someone that your team is actively saying they don't like or respect, but we'll see how it goes.