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The Bears Den: November 11th, 2010 Edition

Where Favre dominates the story lines, yay!

Mike Tice bringing more than #2 pencils to the Vikings game.

On a related note, Cutler could use some help to survive.

Kevin Seifert on Forte and Taylor.

Peppers honored to play with Favre >> I wonder why <<

BREAKING: Bryant McKinnie to actually show up on Sunday

Chester Taylor to play more... what a novel idea.

Brett Favre : Chester Taylor :: Woody Pride : Buzz Lightyear

Chris Williams learning on the job. Good thing he's just a rookie... oh wait!

Favre sees himself in Cutler ... nice title Biggsy!

A few more Favre/Cutler stories (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3), because QBs play against QBs, and all that jazz.

Rosenblog: With a Rocky quote in the title.

Ryan, Ditka lost (but then found) that loving feeling.

Olin Kreutz only Bear to sit out practice.

Jimmy Mac suffers from memory loss, supports brain studies.