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Captain of the Tailgate: Be a Cleanup Captain

Football Season. It's so wonderful, isn't it? When else can you make the excuse (and get away with it) that the 6 hours before the game should be spent with food, family, friends, and beverages? Hundreds of thousands of people descend on parking lots and empty fields every weekend. That creates a lot of trash. What happens to it?

Unfortunately, a lot of it finds its way to the ground, plastic cups and paper plates, cans and bottles littering the ground. 

A real Captain of the Tailgate doesn't let this happen, though. Captains everywhere follow proper protocol for the distribution of refuse. If you think you'll generate a massive amount of garbage, bring your own bags, allowing you to easily pile it at the nearest trash receptacle. If there's recycling available, keep your business separate. There's no reason to let tailgating turn us into world killing monsters.

So keep it classy," class="sbn-auto-link">Bears fans. Clean up after yourself. The Power is yours!

Your Beat Writer Wroundup (Yeah, I just made that happen) is in the extended. Five Questions shows up at Noon ET, and the game preview is at 3pm.

Bears defense preps to battle Favre, AP - For the eleventy billionth time.

Losing Bernard Berrian to Minnesota Vikings worked out well for Chicago Bears - In the Berrian vs. Briggs decision, the Front Office got it right.

Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers believes sacks will come - I would like 5 of them to come this weekend.

Chicago Bears defensive backs expect to see Minnesota Vikings' complete arsenal - Some good receivers coming to town. Now would be a good time for old Tommie Harris to show up.

Bears are halfway to ...? - Halfway through the season, we're still not sure what we have in Chicago.

One thing seems certain: The easiest half is over - The teams the Bears have already played don't have as good of records as the teams they'll play soon. 

Old rivals await latest test - We've seen this battle once or twice.

No chemistry issues at safety for Bears - A bunch of people performing well at safety would be nice.

Bears hope Peterson's decline continues - I hope he forgets to come to the stadium. 

Can Bears stay committed to run vs. Vikings?